What we do

Anvil Fire is focused on Fire Pumps and related accessories only. As such we deeply understand the fire pump options of our product lines. We provide our clients with innovative, cost effective, and detailed solutions for their Fire Protection and Life Safety needs. Our company emphasizes quality and schedule because we know that these items lead to our clients’ own profitability.

To help our clients, we also develop specialized software tools. Please check out our Apps page for some free applications we offer.


We have a wide base of experience and have worked or sold equipment throughout the Northwest. We are always looking to help a client in a new area with the best possible solution.

We understand that each jurisdiction has its own specific requirements and work hard to maintain a relationship with AHJs to understand their needs as well.

Where We Work

States of Anvil Fire Covers

We are the AC-Fire ITT fire pump distributor for the Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wyoming region. Let us help you cut out the middle-man and make sure you get the right pump selection.

While we support AC-Fire for "pump only sales" in these states, we also build custom skids and enclosures for clients around the world.